Teile eines Ganzen

At Radovednez, we have developed a unique tool to teach about parts of a whole in a three-dimensional form and it is made of solid beech wood.

The educational tool is for children ages three and up. By playing with the pieces, children learn about shapes and their constituent parts - halves, quarters, eights. In higher grades of primary school, they then learn to express these in abstract form using fractions.

The product includes three key properties:

- Each part (whole, half, etc.) is made out of one solid piece! 

- All components are of the same colour (natural wood), which mean that the parts really do make up one single whole.

- The child takes each piece from its own space on the board. He can count on a tray, how many unites he needs to make a whole cube (two halves, four quarters, ect.) 

Children learn by playing on how many different ways they can construct a cube; one whole, one half and two quarters, etc.

We highly recomend this educational tool for children with special needs.

Set contains:

  • 4 beech wood trays, with grooves for elements
  • 1 whole cube (8x8cm), related parts 2/2, 4/4, 8/8
  • Made of solid beech wood, packed in a cardboard box.

Development areas:

  • development of logical thinking, knowledge of mathematical basics
  • spatial awareness
  • development of motoric skills
  • development of sensory perceptions
  • recognition of shapes
  • personality and social development
  • parts of a whole in a three-dimensional object


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