Verh├Ąltnisse in der Geometrie

We are proud to introduce in our product range an excellent wooden educational tool for teaching the basics of mathematics and geometry. Children can obtain these skills either by playing with or being taught using the product.

The set is thoughtfully composed of basic geometric shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle) and geometric bodies (cylindre, rectangular cuboid and prism) which are in proportion with each other. 

At the beginning we allow children to learn through playing about the ratios between elements, later we can help children to put their observations into word. 

Set contains:


  • 5 x rectangle
  • 10 x square
  • 10 x triangle
  • 5 x circle


  • 5 x large cuboid
  • 10 x small cuboid
  • 10 x large prism
  • 10 x small prism
  • 5 x large cylinder
  • 10 x small cylinder

 A total of 80 elements packed in a cardboard box..

Development areas:

  • development of logical thinking, knowledge of mathematical and geometrical basics
  • development of motoric skills
  • development of sensory perceptions
  • development of speech and mathematical terms
  • recognition of shapes and relationships between geometric forms
  • personality and social development


  • 2.009 Verhaltnisse in Geometrie

Lehrreich. Praktisch. ├ľkologisch.

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