Geometric bodies

This didactic set helps children to understand basic geometrical principles. By seeing, holding and playing children learn the meaning of bodies, surfaces, shapes, symetry, relations. It's made of solid beech wood.

Geometric solids are made of solid beech wood. Solids are 11 cm high and 7 cm in diameter.

They  serve as model for better imagining and understanding of geometry. Bases of solids fit to each other. By playing with the set children learn about shapes, relations, symetry.

Children attribute relevant properties to geometric bodies by touching them. Didactic value is upgraded with maching geometric faces for better understanding of surfaces, edges and corners.

Geometric solids are suitable for children from the age of 3.

Set contains:

  •  6 elementary geometric solids (cube, rectangular, sphere, pyramid, cone and cylinder).
  • 5 sets of faces  (without sphere).

Development areas:

  • development of logical thinking, knowledge of mathematical and geometrical basics
  • orientation in space
  • motoric skills
  • development of sensory perception
  • recognition of shapes
  • personal and social development

Educational. Practical. Ecological.

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