Didactic set contains educational material that encourages children to count, read and write numbers up to 10. Children perceive numbers by seeing, hearing and touching.

Children can count wooden round tokens, add and subtract them, learn about the relations between numbers (equal, smaller, larger), pair a group of tokens  with the appropriate number. A child COUNTS.

Children can hold the numbers made of solid wood in their hands and feel the shape of it, try to draw the number with their finger or find the same number in the bag by feeling. Numbers are to be sorted from 0 to 10. The equal amount of wooden tokens can be placed next or under the number. Children get to know the previous and the next numbers by covering or removing numbers in a row. A child NAMES the numbers.

Panels with engraved numbers are intended for graphomotoric exercises and getting to know and learn the correct number form. Numbers are written exactly as children learn in school. Panels can be placed in line from 0 to 10. Cover one number (turn or take away). Which number is missing? The difficulty is adjusted according to the abilities of the individual. A child WRITES the number.

Numbers are suitable for children from 3 years on.

Set contains:

  • 60 wooden tokens,
  • numbers made form solid wood 0-9 (2x0; 2x1; 1x2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), size 8 cm,
  • panels with engraved numbers 0-9 (16 x 12 cm),
  • wooden box with a lid.

Development areas:

  • motoric skills
  • development of sensory perceptions
  • development of logical thinking and mathematical skills
  • personal and social development

Educational. Practical. Ecological.

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